What is Return to Player or RTP

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What is Return to Player (RTP) in casino games and what are the highest RTP slot machines?

When you play on casino games, you have an awful lot of them to pick from, so many that it can be a bit difficult. With all the bright colours, bonus features and betting options – how do you compare these games? There’s one very special statistic that you can use to determine which is best for your bankroll and we’re here to tell you all about it.

What is RTP?

The RTP of the game stands for Return to Player and it’s an average estimation of what you can hope to win on the game. It’s always displayed as a percentage, but don’t worry it’s not too technical to get to grips with. All you really need to know is that it gives you an average of what you could win back over 100 games.

Let’s break it down, a game with a 97% RTP would give you £97 back if you play 100 games with a £1 wager. This is an average however, some players will win over the odds and others will come away with less. For casino games, you may be more familiar with the term House Edge, which is the opposite of RTP. In this same case, the House Edge would be 3% as this is the edge that the casino has over its players.

This is one of the main statistics within a game and you can usually find it from the info page or within the paytable of the game. By law, this must be displayed both accurately and in a way that’s easy to find. Before you start playing games, have a look into the RTP as it might just surprise you.

There’s no sure-fire way to understand a game’s RTP before you look for it, though as a rule, progressive jackpots will be slightly lower. This is because you’ll be in with a chance of winning a bigger jackpot, so it’s a fair trade-off. It may also show you that more bonus features and flashy graphics don’t always make for a better game.

Which games have the Highest RTP?

Casino and table games tend to have higher RTPs than slots, though this will depend on your strategy too. On games like poker and roulette, you can change the amount of times you can expect to win by changing up your strategy. This is a little harder on slot games as the gameplay is fixed, but there are still strategies that you can use to up your game.

Above all, just make sure you’re playing in a safe and licensed environment, if games seem too good to be true then they might just be! Below, you’ll find some of the top slot games with a high RTP so you’ll know where to begin.

Jackpot 6000

This jester themed slot game tops the table with a fantastic 98.86% RTP. This is a great game to test out if you’re looking for a jackpot game that can be super rewarding. It may not look like much but when it comes down to the gameplay this one is a winner.

It’s an old-fashioned fruit machine and for this game, sticking to the basics has been great. It’s incredibly bright and inviting, without a lot of time needed to understand the rules of the game.

Blood Suckers

This vampire-themed slot might look like a knockoff of Immortal Romance, but the gameplay can be much more rewarding for players. With a fantastic 98% RTP, this game won’t suck you dry. On the reels, you’ll see some pretty standard symbols with a couple of unique ones thrown in too.

The free spins round in this game are brill, with such a high RTP playing for free is the only thing that could make this any better for us. With a spectacular wild symbol in there too, there’s a lot of jackpots to be won in this game.

Esqueleto Explosivo

This Mexican themed slot game has a lot going on, with multiple bonus features. As soon as you get on a roll with this game, the wins will just keep on coming. There are consecutive ways to win in this game, which means you can win more than once on each spin.

It’s a colour explosion in this game, with heavy Mexican influence going on. Even the soundtrack will get you in the mood for some fast and furious gameplay.


Not just a great movie, Scarface is also a brilliant slot game with a bumper RTP of 96.80%. You’ll get to experience all of the fun of the movie all over again as you spin this slot. In the bonus features, you’ll even get to play through some of the most famous scenes in the movie.

With free spins and bonus features, there’s a lot to like about this game. If you want to unlock those stacks of cash then this might just be the game for you to do so on.

Hall of Gods

Unusually for a progressive jackpot game, Hall of Gods has a high RTP of 96.50% with some stellar jackpots to boot. As you would expect, the game has a mythical theme that will take you to the top of Mount Olympus to win your jackpots. Speaking of jackpots, there are a total of three of them to win in this game, which gives you triple the chance of winning big.

As far as progressive jackpot games go, this one has to be one that pays out most frequently. Check it out if you want a big win.

Now that you know all about the RTP of various games and how to find them for yourself, you’ll be much better placed to select great games. Double check this figure and you’ll be on to slot game success before you know it. Start with the games we’ve suggested here and then you can graduate to finding your own high RTP games too.

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