5 myths about online casinos

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As humans, we are naturally suspicious of anything that sounds too good to be true. As online gambling allows us to bag free cash from the comfort of the sofa, it’s no surprise that online casinos can fall into this category. Over time, this has encouraged people to create myths about online casinos to discourage peo-ple from using them. However, most of the myths have no foundation and are purely based on fear, ap-prehension, or lack of knowledge about the gambling industry. In this article, we explore the myths in more detail.

They Scam Money Out of You

Some people suggest that online casinos are designed to scam money out of you. However, if this was the case, other businesses would follow the same rule; for instance, going to see a show would involve the theatre trying to bleed your wallet dry. If this was the case, you’d only be able to use the casino a cer-tain amount of times before running out of money to spend. When you look at it this way, how would this benefit the casino?

They are Rigged

Another myth about online casinos is that they are rigged. Some people believe that the casino is in con-trol of whether you win or lose and are purely designed to take your money. With new online casinos ap-pearing every day, the competition is fierce. With this in mind, online betting sites aren’t going to risk los-ing their license by scamming you. Legally, all online games have to be powered by a random number generator (RNG). The purpose of this component is to create random number sequences to ensure the result of the game is totally random. Whenever you click the spin or bet button, the RNG always produces a different series of numbers.

The outcome of any online game is dependent on the RNG software. Instead of just generating a new set of numbers when you click the spin button, the RNG starts spitting out numbers as soon as you enter the game. Whichever number the RNG is on at the second you click the button determines the outcome of your turn. It’s important to remember that online casino games do not have a memory. No part of the game knows whether you have won or lost your previous turn, nor is it aware of whether you have been playing all day or you’ve just started the game. This means that you are just as likely to get two wins in a row as you are to get two losses.

They’re Not ‘Real’ Casinos

Some people believe that online casinos are not ‘real’ casinos. Although we agree that the atmosphere is different when playing online, online casinos still offer a ‘real’ gambling experience. When using a well-developed site, entering the casino is just like entering the real thing. You can spend the first few minutes browsing the options before choosing a game and getting stuck in. Recently, new technology has allowed 3D casinos to hit the market. Also known as Virtual Reality (VR) Casinos, 3D casinos use a headset to pro-vide a lifelike experience. When using a VR casino, the first thing to do is put on your headset. Once it is secure, everything will go dark and a new screen will appear. Almost as if you have been transported to a new location, the headset will make you feel as though you are using a land-based establishment. In most VR casinos, you can then explore your surroundings using a controller or your hands. Once you’ve chosen your game, you can use your hands to control the 3D machine.

You Can’t Get Help

Another myth about online gambling is that you can’t get help at an online casino. At a brick-and-mortar casino, staff are present on the gambling floor to answer any questions or queries you may have. While this isn’t the case when playing online, there is still help available! Many online casinos have an online chat that is manned by casino staff. If you encounter any issues, simply drop a message into the live chat and wait for the staff to respond. Better still, the chat is often open 24 hours a day; this allows you to gamble with peace of mind at any time of the day or night. If you’d prefer to have a verbal conversion, visit the contact page of the casino website to find the phone number. Some of the bigger casinos offer live games. During these, you will be able to communicate with a real-life dealer via a webcam. In addition to providing a competitive atmosphere, live games allow you to communicate with the dealer just like you would in-house.

They’re Addictive

Some people believe that online casino games are addictive. The truth is, if you’re not responsible, any type of gambling can become addictive; however, as long as you play sensibly there is no reason that online casinos are more addictive than their land-based counterparts. Some players take certain precau-tions to keep their gambling sensible. For example, they may choose to set a budget for each week to ensure their spending doesn’t get out of control.

In Summary

Providing that you use a reputable website, online gambling really is as good as it sounds. If you’re wor-ried about over-spending, choose a casino that allows you to set a limit for each week. If you try to de-posit additional cash, the casino will remind you that you’ve already reached your limit for the day, week, or month. As always, it’s important to consider your financial situation before deciding to gamble online.

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