Casino Bonus


Casino Bonus

One of the main reasons why people enjoy gambling and play on online casinos is to take advantage of the many casino bonuses that are available. The difficulty comes in finding out which are the best bonuses and special offers out there. Nearly every online casino provides a welcome bonus as a means of attracting new players and while some of them look the same, they all differ when looked at in depth and at the terms and conditions. Some promotions require players to enter a bonus code, while others simply add to a player’s first deposit with a bonus, usually in the form of extra money.

Some casino promotions and bonuses specifically apply to certain casino games, like slots, where players can be offered anything from free spins on the reels to extra bonus spins. Sometimes the free spins are included as an outright promotion, offered by casinos to encourage participation, but many slot games actually include bonuses where players can end up with free spins anyway. Casino bonuses are a fantastic way to take advantage of some of the most popular slots available online, including those developed by Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming.

Here at, we understand how fast-paced this contemporary industry is and how often casino bonuses change. That’s the great thing about online casino bonuses – they don’t last forever and are constantly changing. Casinos must keep this pace in order to remain relevant and appealing to online casino fans.

What’s the appeal of casino bonuses?

Bonuses are incredibly important to both online casinos and players themselves. Casinos are always trying to gain an advantage over their competitors by providing the best promotions. A good starting point for any online casino is an exciting welcome bonus to entice new players, either when they sign up or once they’ve made a first deposit using real money. The bonuses offered by casinos enable players to enjoy and wager more on the games, which in turn may lead to greater jackpot winnings or an increase in the number of deposits made. The best way to enjoy a casino bonus is to find a promotion that best suits you, but don’t stop browsing other casinos as there are plenty on offer and all are different.

Different types of Casino Bonuses

Deposit Bonus

Aside from the terms and conditions linked to them, the deposit bonus is a fairly easy type of casino bonus to understand. As a means of enticing new customers, online casinos reward players when they deposit, and when a deposit is made of a certain size, the player will receive a percentage of money on top of their deposit. Most deposit bonuses are set via a percentage and capped at a maximum value. For example, players who deposit €200 with a deposit bonus of 100% will make another €200 in bonus credit.

Out of all the bonuses listed, the deposit bonus is the most common among casino bonuses. Casinos see it as a great way to entice new players to sign up. In order to obtain this bonus, players must make a valid deposit, using the parameters set. But it doesn’t only work for first deposits and new players, as some casinos offer bonuses on second and third deposits.

Free Spins

A free spins bonus is only available for slot games at online casinos. They are not applicable to other games. The free spins bonus is used as a reward from the casino to players who frequently play slot games. Free spins can be included in a casino’s welcome offer, but there are many online casinos who offer them as a specific promotion, aside from any welcome bonus. Certain online casinos may offer new players free spins without even placing a deposit.

Free Money

Free money bonuses are a simple but brilliant way of capturing the attention of players looking to join an online casino. It’s not exclusive to new members though, as there are plenty of casinos who offer a free money bonus to existing customers as a way of rewarding their loyalty. The best part of the free money bonus is that you can win real money without even placing a first deposit or wagering any money!

Free Play Bonus

This bonus is very similar to the free money bonus, but the free play bonus is much more exciting – if that’s possible! The casino gives you a large amount of money to play with, but this is on the condition that you wager it within a designated time frame. Once that time limit has expired, and if you’ve won enough money, you can then exchange the credits for some real money. This free bonus is great to take advantage of and targets those who regularly spin the reels on slot games.

Welcome Bonus

Every online casino promotes a different welcome offer, as well as different rewards and bonuses to go with them. We’ve taken the time in our casino reviews to collate all of the different offers that are available online. Casinos don’t just offer bonuses for those who play on desktops, but also target those who play on mobile devices. There are specific promotions available to those who play on their mobile whilst on the go. Mobile casinos are becoming increasingly popular as players want to play when they’re away from their computer. Many promotions involve awarding bonuses on players’ first deposits, or giving players a deposit bonus each time they pay to play the games.

Cashback Bonus

A cashback bonus is a bonus given by the casino in return for your losses. There are lots of casinos, like Unibet, which offer you cashback on video slots as a way of helping you win more, while there are others who supplement their welcome bonus by adding cashback to it. Cashback bonuses are an excellent way of attracting new players to an online casino and they help in their quest of winning a substantial jackpot.

Be careful with casino bonuses

Just because a casino offers you a fantastic bonus when you make a deposit, this doesn’t mean that you should necessarily pick that casino to play at. New players can often be lured in by welcome bonuses and promotions, but you should select your casino based on the benefits on offer and the potential reward for you.

Wagering Requirements

It’s a good idea to read the casino’s terms and conditions before using any of the bonuses offered, especially when wagering requirements may be involved. There is nothing worse than completing a casino game and realising that you haven’t followed the rules of the promotion properly. It’s also important to note that, just because the casino bonuses are exciting, this doesn’t mean that the choice of games is.