How Much Does a Trip to Las Vegas Cost?

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Years ago, Las Vegas was the place for a bargain holiday. Unfortunately, the rise in popularity has made the destination a little more pricey. However, there are still plenty of deals out there if you know where to look. In this article, we explore how much a trip to Las Vegas will set you back, and ways to save your hard earned cash.


For any vacation, accommodation is one of the main costs. For many locations, the cost of hotels varies with the seasons. In these places, it’s best to go in the winter if you’re looking for a cheap getaway. However, unlike most destinations, Vegas is popular all year round. With gambling being the main attraction, people don’t stop visiting just because the weather is cold.

Thankfully, there’s still a way to save on your hotel – visit mid-week. With most tourists visiting on the weekends, many hotels offer mid-week deals to fill the rooms. For the cheapest deals, arrive on Monday and leave by Thursday. The only time this plan will fail you is if there is a large convention in town. To avoid this, do your research and plan ahead.

If you’re unable to visit mid-week, visiting in the summer is your next best option. Visiting in the Christmas holidays is grossly expensive, as are Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend.

On average, a mid-range hotel will set you back $100 per night. As well as paying for your room, you’ll also need to pay a resort fee. While this is sometimes included in the room price, many hotels add it on at the front desk. Depending on when you visit, expect to pay anywhere from $10 to $30 per night.


Dining costs are another thing to factor into your budget. Like most places, eateries in Vegas range from dirt cheap to ridiculously expensive. To make the trip easier, some people choose to go all inclusive when booking their hotel. In most cases, this means that all your food and drink is included in the price of the room. While this can be a big expense, it can help to manage your budget as all the necessities are paid for in advance. This means that your spending money can be saved for entertainment and luxury items.

Most casinos in Vegas have a bar and restaurant. If you sign up for a players card, you’ll be eligible for any of the freebies on offer. Typically, spending a few hours in the casino will get you a free meal or a reduced rate.

The only downside of all-inclusive is the limitation. As you’ve paid for the food, you feel inclined to eat at the hotel every day. When visiting a new place, some people like to try everything the city has to offer. If you fall into this category, you may be better off paying as you go.

If you’re eating good meals three times a day and drinking alcohol, we recommend budgeting $100 per person per day. It’s worth noting that this number is purely an average cost, and will depend on where you choose to eat and how much alcohol you drink. If you’re gambling, certain drinks are often free, providing that you’re paying to play. However, if you decide to drink at the restaurant, instead, your bill will start to rack up pretty quickly.


When planning a trip to Vegas, keep the cost of entertainment in mind. To visit a good show, you’re looking at an average of $70 per ticket. If the show features celebrity entertainers, the tickets can be well over $100.

If you plan to visit the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon, factor these into your budget. If you want to keep the cost down, Strip attractions such as Mandalay Bays Shark Reef and Madame Tussaud’s wax museum are much cheaper. If you’re sticking to these, set your attraction budget at $100 per person.

Gambling is where it can get expensive. On average, tourists plan a budget of $100 a day to spend in the casino. Of course, this depends on how much you plan to play. If you’re not too bothered, you may only visit once or twice. In this case, it’s worth taking advantage of any offers or promotions available. To entice players in, most casinos offer some kind of welcome bonus. Whether this is free betting credit or free entry, take advantage of the offer to save some cash. As mentioned earlier, many casinos let you drink for free, providing that you’re spending money on the games. In this case, make sure to get your fill before leaving the establishment!

Transport and Parking

Another cost to take into account is transport and parking. Typically, taxis in Vegas charge $3.30 for the first mile and $1.50 for each additional. If you use services like Uber, however, you can expect to pay a lot less than this.

If you’re driving to Las Vegas, you’ll need to factor parking costs into your budget. Unfortunately, parking is no longer free at most hotels. This means that you’ll need to spend between $10 and $40 on parking over the duration of your stay.

In Summary

Like any holiday, the cost of a trip to Vegas can vary greatly. If you’ve got a smaller budget, you can choose to stay in a budget hotel or hostel. While these aren’t 5* establishments, they’re a great option if you just want a bed for the night. If you find budgeting stressful, consider going all inclusive at your hotel. This way, all your food and drink will be paid for in advance, and your spending money can be saved for entertainment.

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