Most Popular Strategies of Casino Games

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While some people enjoy the luck-based surprise of casino games, others are in it for the money. If you fall into the latter category, you’re probably looking for the best strategies to increase your chances of winning. Ever since gambling first came about, players have been using systems and techniques to help them win big. As a result, a number of gambling strategies have been developed over the years. Some of these have become renowned and used by players all over the world. In this article, we explore some of the best strategies of casino games in more detail.

Roulette – Covering the Table

In roulette, one of the most popular strategies is a technique known as ‘covering the table’. Unlike some strategies, this technique can be carried out in various ways. In roulette, many people believe that covering a larger percentage of the table will increase the chances of winning. However, if the entire table is covered, it becomes almost impossible to win more than you lose. With this in mind, many people choose to cover most of the table, as opposed to the whole thing. The odds of roulette make this tactic popular for those looking to increase their winnings. To cover most of the table, there are a few different techniques you can use. Below, we explore some further.

Betting on 35 numbers

When trying to cover the table, many gamblers choose to bet on 35 numbers. While this technique is slightly risky, it offers the chance to win big if luck is on your side. When using this strategy, the most common wager is £2. If you bet £2 on 35 different numbers, your initial spend is £70. The good thing is, you’re almost guaranteed to win more than you lose; however, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll make a profit. For each win, you’ll receive £2, but if you lose, you’ll have to part with £70.

Bet on 17 Splits

Another way to cover the table is to bet on 17 splits. This strategy is similar to betting on 35 numbers, but with half the initial cost. In roulette, a split is when a bet is placed between 2 two numbers. With this in mind, betting on 17 splits will allow you to cover 34 different numbers. This means that you’re covering almost as many numbers as the strategy above, with half the financial risk.

Bet on 5 Double Streets

The final way to cover the table is betting on 5 Double Streets. In roulette, a Double Street is also known as a Line. This technique will allow you to cover 30 different numbers.

Blackjack – Split Down the Middle

If Blackjack is your game of choice, you may enjoy the ‘Split Down the Middle’ technique. Although some people find this strategy confusing, it’s not hard to master with practice and dedication. The tactic allows you to split your first two cards and create two separate hands. This way, you’re able to put twice as much money on the table to double your profit. However, keep in mind that this move also increases your risk. To avoid a big loss, only use this technique when the cards are in your favour.

In terms of which cards to split, most strategy charts will advise you to split a pair of aces. Two aces together aren’t going to win you the game. Splitting them, however, allows you to build two strong hands and be in with a fighting chance. It’s also sensible to split a pair of 8’s or 9’s, except when the dealers up-card is an ace, a 7, or 10. As a rule of thumb, you should never split a pair of tens. This is because you have a stronger chance of winning by keeping them together.

Poker – The Fundamental Theorem

Amongst poker players, the Fundamental Theorem is a popular technique. Introduced by David Sklansky, this strategy goes something like this: Each time you play your hand the way you would if you could see the other players’ cards, you gain. You also gain every time another player plays their cards differently from the way they would play them if they could see yours. This simple technique is the foundation of many poker strategies, including basic bluffing and slow-playing. Both these techniques use deception to encourage your opponents to play differently to how they would if they could see your hand.

Slot Machines – Return to Player

When it comes to slot machines, there are far fewer strategies to choose from. One that seems to work well, though, is Return to Player. While this technique may seem obvious, it’s one of the most common mistakes that beginners make when using slots.

To make the largest profit from slots, you need a machine that pays out more than the others. Return to Player (RTP) can be used to work out which slot to choose. Explained simply, the Return to Player is the percentage of money that a machine pays back to the players. While it doesn’t tell you how much money you’ll pocket, it tells you how likely you are to win. Slot game developers are required to let gamblers know what the odds of a win are, so finding the RTP should be a straightforward process.

In Summary

To increase your chances of winning, try out the strategies of casino games above. Depending on your game of choice, choose one of the techniques above and get stuck in! As always, just remember to consider your financial situation before using a physical or online casino.

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