Types of Straight Slot Machine

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Also known as static slots, straight slot machines are the simplest way to gamble. Unlike other machines, straight slots have a single pay line, one jackpot, and no bonus games. Additionally, the jackpot prize is almost never progressive. Although the concept of all straight slots is the same, there are a few different varieties to choose from. In this article, we explore the types of straight slot machine.

What Are Straight Slots?

Straight slots are the original slot machines. Until the invention of progressive slots, straight slots were the only machines available. Years after their invention, they remain just as popular as they were 100 years ago.

The first straight slot was Liberty Bell, invented in 1888 by Charles Fey. Electronic slot machines didn’t come about until 1963 when Bally Technologies released the ‘Money Honey’ – a machine with sound effects that took multiple coins. From then on, manufacturers began to release slots with progressive jackpots, bonus games, and multiple pay lines.

Why Do People Play Straight Slots?

For years after their invention, straight slots were the only option. However, almost 130 years later they remain just as popular. But why do people play straight slots?

For some, it’s the minimalism that appeals to them. As the simplest type of slot machine, they can be played easily without flashy sound effects or animations. While many gamblers enjoy modern slots, others prefer to keep it simple. Often, the flashier the slot, the lower the payback. This is because flashy machines cost more, so more money is taken from the player to pay for them. Typically, straight slots have the highest house edge. With this in mind, they are considered the easiest slot machine to win on.

As well as a lower house edge, straight slots have a higher hit frequency than modern slots. This means that it’s easier to bag the jackpot on a straight slot than it is a progressive machine. As the jackpot isn’t flexible, players know exactly what they’re aiming for. To win, all they need to do is match up three symbols on the reel.

Types of Straight Slots

Multiplier Slots

One of the most popular straight slots is the multiplier slot. The payouts for these machines are based on the number of coins wagered for each spin. For instance, if you insert one coin and the slot pays 6 coins for a winning combination, you’re likely to win 12 coins if you insert two coins. Essentially, the more coins you insert, the higher the payout. However, it’s best to avoid playing with the maximum number of coins as this can decrease your hit frequency.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

Similar to regular multiplier slots, bonus multiplier slots base their payouts on the number of coins wagered. However, unlike regular multipliers, this type of slot features a bonus that increases the payout for a winning combination. For instance, if you match three cherries when using the bonus, you may bag yourself a higher jackpot.

Multi-Pay Line Slots

With this type of slot, new pay lines can be activated by inserting additional coins. For instance, if you insert one coin and the pay line with the winning combination isn’t activated, you will receive no payout. However, if you insert additional coins, you can activate a new pay line and have a better chance of winning. With some multi-pay line slots featuring as many as 20 lines, you have a much higher chance of winning than you do on a standard slot.

Buy-a-Pay Slots

Another type of straight slot is the buy-a-pay slot. With this machine, there is more than one payout table. This means that you can place additional bets across the tables, rather than just sticking to one. Although these machines are more expensive to use, they offer higher odds of winning with their extra winning combinations. Typically, buy-a-pay slots only offer payouts if you insert a sufficient number of coins for a certain combination. For instance, if you insert two coins and land a winning combo that is supposed to ‘cost’ 3 coins, you won’t receive any money.

Wildcard Slots

The Wildcard straight slot features a wildcard symbol. In most cases, this symbol can substitute for any other. For instance, if you match two cherries and a wildcard, the symbol can substitute for a third cherry and win you the payout.

Hybrid Slots

A Hybrid straight slot is any machine that combines the formats above. For instance, if a machine features multiple pay lines and a wildcard symbol, it would be known as a hybrid slot.

In Summary

While modern slots have their place, straight slots also remain a popular option. As well as being played in-house, straight slots can be enjoyed online, too. Although playing online is less traditional, the style of the slot remains the same. Regardless if you’re playing online or in-house, straight slots have one jackpot, no bonus games, and are never progressive. The great thing about playing online is the variety of slots to choose from. With the internet at your disposal, there is something for players of all sorts.

Before playing any slot game, pay attention to the features. While slots are largely luck-based, certain features allow you to strategically improve your odds. By looking into the features, you can improve your chances of winning by being selective. You can also plan how to manage your bankroll, particularly on buy-a-pay machines. Whatever machine you choose to play, the most important thing is to have fun. Contrary to popular belief, money isn’t everything. Providing that you’re sensible with your cash, you’re guaranteed to have a great evening.

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