Gambling and Your Horoscope: Real or Myth?

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While some players believe that gambling is purely luck based, others enjoy using their horoscope to give them an advantage. Some websites allow customers to generate lucky numbers based on their horo-scope. Additionally, they offer advice on which games people should play based upon their zodiac sign. Typically, a certain game is advised based on a player’s zodiac personality characteristics. For instance, those that avoid taking big risks are better suited to more predictable casino games such as baccarat and roulette. In this article, we explore gambling and your horoscope in more detail.

What is a Horoscope?

Before basing your gambling decisions on your horoscope, you need to know what a horoscope is. A hor-oscope uses the position of the planets, Sun, and Moon at the time of a person’s birth to determine cer-tain personality characteristics. Websites and magazines use this information to predict certain events in a person’s life. Horoscopes are often used to determine compatibility in the world of dating. When used this way, a person can compare their zodiac sign’s personality with another sign to determine whether their relationship will work long term.

Zodiac Signs and Gambling


Those with an Aries zodiac sign are known for being aggressive and competitive. As they enjoy competing against others, they are most suited to skill-based games such as poker and fantasy sports games. Aries are willing to study for each game and use their newfound knowledge against their components.


With a conservative nature, the Taurus zodiac signs avoid taking risks. With this in mind, many casino games don’t suit them. However, there are a few games that are actually better suited to conservative players. A Taurus will enjoy games that offer more predictable outcomes. For instance, games such as craps, baccarat, and roulette. These games all provide frequent payouts, allowing non-risk takers to gam-ble conservatively.


The Gemini zodiac sign is known for their active lifestyle and fun-loving personality. Boasting an adaptive nature, Gemini’s tend to excel in most casino games. As Gemini’s enjoy being the centre of attention, games such as craps may suit them well. Craps offers a lively atmosphere and allows players to soak up attention as they roll the dice.


Those with a Cancer zodiac sign enjoy lounging around the house and taking things slow. This makes Can-cer’s well suited to online casino games. Online casinos allow players to enjoy gambling at their own pace and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home. Whilst Cancer’s do enjoy a slower pace, they also need some social interaction. With this in mind, online casino games with a live dealer are the perfect middle ground.


Leo’s are known for taking large risks and trying new things. Additionally, they are competitive people who enjoy challenging their opponents. Because of this, Leo’s are well suited to casino tournaments such as poker, blackjack, and fantasy sports leagues. Allowing you to compete against others for a cash prize, casino tournaments can be enjoyed multiple times a week at most establishments.


Those of a Virgo zodiac sign are known for their calculated decision making. Responsible in nature, Virgo’s are suited to systematic games that involve problem-solving. Games such as blackjack and sports betting are perfect for Virgo’s as they give players the opportunity to learn strategy. More serious Virgo gamblers may enjoy poker, too. High-level poker requires a certain amount of systemic decision making and disci-pline to win big.


Libra’s are generally artistic and academic. They take time to ponder over various options before making a decision to ensure they choose the best outcome. Because of this, Libra’s excel in skill-based games such as Texas hold’em and three card poker. The artistic nature of a Libra means that they also appreciate modern slot machines that boast high-quality graphics.


Scorpios are very confident people who trust their ability to predict results. As they aren’t afraid to take a gamble, they are well suited to heavily chance-based games such as slot machines and the lottery. When predicting the results, Scorpios remain confident about whatever choice they make.


A Sagittarius is known for exploring and trying new things. As they enjoy experimenting with new games, this zodiac sign is best suited to a large brick-and-mortar casino with a wide variety of games. A Sagittarius will be at their happiest when visiting a gambling location such as Las Vegas.


Those with a Capricorn zodiac sign are ambitious people. That being said, they also prioritise practicality, so finding a happy medium is essential. A Capricorn will enjoy skill-based games such as video poker, sports betting, and blackjack. This zodiac sign will excel in games that require knowledge, dedication, and skill.


With a logical yet unpredictable nature, Aquarius zodiac signs are best suited to games with progressive jackpots. An Aquarius will enjoy a game of Caribbean stud poker, Texas hold’em, or even modern slot machines.


Pisces are generally emotional and serious people. With this in mind, a Pisces is best suited to games that involve minimal skill but offer a large winning potential. These types of games allow players to win more than they lose, which avoids the onset of negative emotions that Pisces are known for. A Pisces will enjoy baccarat, craps, and roulette more than other casino games.

In Summary

Whether you are drawn to skill-based games or you prefer taking a chance, your horoscope could help you find the perfect casino game. When playing a game, you feel comfortable with, you’re more likely to have fun regardless of whether you win or lose. As always, consider your financial situation before using an online or land-based casino.

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