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Three Blackjack tips to help you win big

Blackjack has been played for hundreds of years. Casino players love the chance to take on the dealer and try and make their cards reach the value of 21, but it can often be a difficult task as, no matter how skilful the player, lady luck plays a very big part in this game. But it never hurts to be prepared – here are three tips for you to use the next time you play. They’ll help you to beat the dealer and hopefully collect some huge winnings!

1 – Don’t split two 10s

Despite the two cards freeing up temptation to split the deck into two hands, hang on to it. The total adds up to 20 and the dealer will have limited ways to beat that. So stick with the hand and put the pressure on the dealer; the chances of winning will be greater than the risk of trying to win twice.

2 – Always split two 8s

Two eights make a 16, and that’s the worst hand you can get after two cards. Splitting the deck into two separate hands will increase the chances of getting a winning hand. Yes – one of those may end up being a losing hand, but if you bet on the same amount for each hand you should earn your money back at least.

3 – Never split two 5s

Ten is the most likely receive card in the deck to receive (along with Jack, Queen and King), it’s best to stick if you get two fives. Splitting them and then receiving a couple of tens will lead to two hands of fifteen, which are not great hands. Sticking and getting a ten means a total of 20 and that could easily see you beat the dealer.


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