Why is Vegas So Popular with Casino Players?

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Las Vegas is best known for the range of casinos and entertainment that it embodies. In 1931, just 26 years after the city was built, gambling was legalised in the surrounding area. Since then, Vegas has be-come the gambling capital of the world with each casino bringing in an average of $630,000 per day. By 1954, the city had become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and has only contin-ued to grow. When the recession hit in 2008, Las Vegas still attracted over 40 million visitors with its enter-taining nightlife and range of luxury hotels. By why is Las Vegas so popular with Casino Players? In this ar-ticle, we explore exactly that.

Variety of Casinos

Vegas is loved for its wide variety of casinos. With 45 casinos found on the strip alone, there is something for gamblers of all sorts. Whether you’re a tourist hoping to gamble with your pals or you’re a local looking for an evening of luck-based fun, Las Vegas will not disappoint.

Choice of Games

A wide range of casinos brings a great choice of games. While some casinos specialise in traditional table games, others pride themselves on their collection of video-slots. Many of the larger establishments of-fer a variety of games under the same roof so are ideal for those hoping to try their hand at everything!

Great Atmosphere

Although online casinos are great, most gamblers would agree that you can’t beat the thrill of a land-based establishment. With many of the casinos open 24/7, you can enjoy the competitive atmosphere at any time of the day or night.

Free Alcohol

With so many casinos in Las Vegas, the competition is fierce. To attract new customers, many of the casi-nos offer various promotions and offers; some of the most popular include free alcohol, free betting chips, or free entry to the casino.

Interact With Other Players

Attracting over 40 million visitors per year, Las Vegas is always bustling. Not only does this provide a great atmosphere, but it also offers the chance to interact with other players. Whether you’re a tourist hoping to gamble with the locals or you’re resident interested in meeting like-minded individuals, Vegas has got your back.

Other Entertainment

Not only does Vegas boast an impressive number of casinos, but the city also offers a variety of other en-tertainment, too. While some people choose to spend their entire trip gambling, others prefer to enjoy the visiting DJs, live music, and theatre productions.

Tips for Gambling in Vegas

Visit During the Week
If possible, try to visit Las Vegas during the week. On the weekends, hotel rooms often cost three to four times as much as they do mid-week. Not only will a mid-week visit save you some serious dollar, but it will also save you tons of time, too! Weekend visitors will spend a large part of their trip waiting in line, while those visiting during the week can enjoy fast-tracked entry.

Get a Player’s Card

If you’re visiting Vegas, another great tip is to get a player’s card. Even if you don’t plan to use the casino, go to the Player’s Club desk and sign up for a free card. Once you have done so, the casino will alert you of any discounts or offers that you can take advantage of – some even offer free hotel rooms!

Set a Budget

To make your bankroll last, it’s important to set loss limits before entering the casino. Before your stay, set a gambling budget for each day and make sure you stick to it.

Don’t Use Slot Machines

If you’re hoping to leave with a profit, don’t play slot machines. Although each spin is only a few cents, the total quickly adds up throughout the evening. If you want to make some serious money, you’re bet-ter off paying the buy-in fee for a game of blackjack and testing your luck. To have an advantage, clue up on the rules before your visit so you know what you’re walking in to!

Take Advantage of Free Goods

When you play table games, most casinos will reward you with free goodies; these gifts may include a free buffet, hotel discount, or tickets to one of the city’s shows. If you’re not sure how to claim your free goods, visit the Players Club booth for more information.

Use the Buses

To save money during your trip, consider using the busses. With most journeys costing just $2, you can spend your hard earned cash in the casino, instead. If you’re planning on travelling around, it may be worth picking up a 24-hour pass. For an initial cost of $8, you can ride any bus in the city for free for the next 24 hours.

Avoid Getting Taxis on the Strip

If you try to get a taxi from the strip, you could be waiting a long time. As most vehicles aren’t allowed to stop directly on the strip, they tend to just drive on by. If you want to get a taxi, head to the taxi area of the nearest hotel and wait for one there. If there are other people waiting, ask if they’d like to share a cab; as 4 people can travel for the same price as 1, filling up the vehicle is both eco and wallet-friendly.


If the strip is particularly busy, walking is often quicker than waiting for a bus or taxi. Additionally, walking allows you to discover things that you’d otherwise miss.

Get Discounted Tickets

If you’re hoping to see a show, consider waiting until you arrive to book your tickets. The strip is filled with Tix4Tonite booths that sell heavily discounted tickets for local shows and concerts.

In Summary

Whether you’re an avid gambler or you’re a complete novice, Las Vegas has something for people of all sorts! To enjoy the full experience, it’s worth saving up a chunk of spending money before your trip to ensure your bankroll lasts your stay.

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