The Most Famous Casinos in Asia

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When people think of gambling locations, Europe and America often spring to mind. However, the ‘gam-bling capital of the world’ is actually Macau, Asia. Though Macau is the most popular location, most of the countries in South East Asia have a successful gambling market. In this article, we explore the most fa-mous casinos in Asia and discuss exactly why they are so popular.

The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Located in Singapore, the Marina Bay Sands is famous for its unique shape. Now an integral part of Singa-pore’s skyline, the building consists of three pillars and is topped with a boat shape. With its impressive size and unique appearance, the Marina Bay Sands is the most photographed building in the world.

The recognisable building houses the Marina Bay Sands Casino. With over 160,000 square feet of floor space, the establishment is packed full of slots and table games. To be exact, the casino boasts over 2,500 slot machines and almost 750 gaming tables. In addition to the gaming space, the building has almost a million square feet of other entertainment options. Equipped with convention space, theatres, enter-tainment venues, and even a museum, the casino has something for people of all sorts. Additionally, the building offers 50 different restaurants, bars, and fine-dining areas. And the entertainment doesn’t stop inside the building. Balanced upon the roof is a state-of-the-art infinity pool from which gamblers can take in the view of the city.

Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

As Malaysia’s only casino, Resorts World Genting is popular, to say the least! Buried in the mountains, the casino is just an hours drive from the country’s capital. Resorts World Genting first opened to the public in 1965 but has undergone several extensions since then. Today, the establishment is one of the most luxu-rious casinos in South East Asia.

Boasting over 200,000 square feet of gaming space, the casino holds more than 3,000 slot machines and 500 table games. Additionally, the casino is equipped with performance venues, clubs, bars, and several restaurants – ideal for those looking for a mid-game pick-me-up. The casino also has five different hotels for guests to stay in, with over 7,000 rooms in total. This impressive number crowned Resorts World Genting the Guinness World Record for the most hotel rooms.

Resorts World Manila, Philippines

Another famous Asian casino is Resorts World Manila. Located in the Philippines, this Resorts World casi-no is owned by the same company as Resorts World Genting. However, unlike its sister casino, Resorts World Manila is surrounded by competitor casinos. In total, the country is packed with over 65 casinos. Despite its competition, this luxury casino is never short on trade, though. Attracting wealthy business-men from all over the world, Resorts World Manila is one of the most popular casinos in Asia.

Situated directly opposite the international airport, Resorts World Manila attracts locals and tourists alike. With over 320,000 square feet of gaming space, the casino has something for everyone. In addition to a wide selection of table games and slots, the establishment is equipped with nine different restaurants and four international hotels.

City of Dreams, Manila

Located in an area called ‘Pagcor Entertainment City’, City of Dreams Manila is another famous casino. To-day, Pagcor Entertainment City is one of the closest imitations of the Las Vegas Strip. Last year, City Of Dreams is believed to have seen over $150M in revenue. Not only is this an impressive figure, but it’s also 65% higher than the previous year.

The casino itself is packed with state-of-the-art slot machines, traditional table games, and a host of other entertainment options. Additionally, it is equipped with several fine-dining areas and luxury accommoda-tion options.

Venetian Macau

While the previous casinos are known worldwide, none of them compares to Venetian Macau. Located in the resort city of Macau, Venetian Macau is the biggest casino in the world. Modelled on it’s Las Vegan sister, Venetian Macau is thought to be one of the most beautiful casinos of all time.

Currently, the establishment is also the 4th largest building in the world. With an impressive 980,000 square metres of floor space, the only buildings that surpass it are the New Century Global Center, Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, and CentralWorld shopping complex in Thailand. As you may have al-ready guessed, Venetian Macau is more than just a casino. Classed as a holiday resort, the area is equipped with 3,000 guest suites, 1 million square feet of convention space, another 1 million square feet of retail establishments, and 550, 000 square feet of casino space.

The dedicated casino area is divided into four different sections: Imperial House, Golden Fish, Phoenix, and Red Dragon. The sections have a combined total of 3,400 slot machines and 800 gaming tables. The casino also boasts a VIP membership programme called Paiza Club. Amongst other things, VIP members can enjoy using the Venetian’s private gaming rooms. Here you will find a selection of high stake games, all housed within the luxury surroundings of the members only area.

In Summary

Whether you’re a slot lover or you’re more interested in traditional table games, the selection of casinos above has something for everyone. In addition to the standard entertainment options, these Asian casi-nos offer something extra. Equipped with luxury hotels, infinity pools, and a host of fine-dining options, they are definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area. As always, it’s important to gamble responsibly. It’s essential to consider your financial situation before using a land-based or online casino.

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