Should You Switch to PayPal Casinos?

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Currently, PayPal is the most popular eWallet for online payments. Since its release in 1998, it has grown to be the service of choice for buying and selling anything online. Because of this, almost everybody has used PayPal at one time or another to send or receive money.

As well as being used to buy and sell, PayPal can now be used in a number of online casinos. While almost any e-commerce site can use the service, that isn’t the case for casinos. To keep a good reputation, PayPal doesn’t let any old casino use it as a payment method. To limit negative feedback, they set the bar for using their service high, particularly when it comes to gambling transactions. Thankfully, this can work in your favour. When you do see a casino that accepts PayPal deposits or withdraws, you know they’re a credible, trustworthy site. But are the benefits of PayPal worth switching your current payment method? In this article, we help you decide whether or not you should switch to PayPal casinos.

Why Casinos with PayPal?

There are a number of benefits to using PayPal for gambling online. Below, we explore some of these further.

You May Already Have An Account

As the e-Wallet is so widely used, you probably already have an account set up. If so, you can log into your existing account and use PayPal in a matter of seconds. If you don’t have an account, don’t panic! Setting up an account is quick and simple.

Long Track Record

Established in 1998, PayPal has a long track record. They are well known for their transparent, safe and secure payment processing. This will give you peace of mind that your money is safe and secure. If they were up to anything dodgy, they would have been found out by now. When using PayPal, you know that millions of other people use the service each day without concern.

Buyer Protection

Another great thing about PayPal is the buyer protection that it offers. Unlike some other payment methods, the service has built-in buyer protection systems, including dispute and arbitration systems. Because of this, you can be sure you’re never getting ripped off when making a transaction. If you raise a dispute, the claim is likely to be resolved in your favour. This is because PayPal buyers are in a better position than other customers when it comes to levels of protection.


Not only is PayPal regulated, but it also follows some of the strictest compliance codes in the world. Among other accreditations, the company hold European banking licenses. These licenses place a high threshold on companies operating with transactional information and financial data. Because of this, you can be sure that PayPal sticks to the strictest of financial regulations. PayPal gamblers can rest easy knowing that their payments and data are safe and secure.

Speed & Convenience

In addition to being the most secure payment method, PayPal is also highly convenient. The transaction speed for PayPal is quicker than other payment options; this is a major benefit for gamblers who want to start playing immediately. With some payment methods, you’ll be waiting around for hours for your money to be reconciled. When you deposit money via PayPal, however, it’s instantly reflected in both your casino account and your bankroll. The same applies to incoming payments, too. As soon as the transaction has been processed, the money will appear in your PayPal account immediately. From there, it can be withdrawn into your bank account free of charge.

Don’t Need Your Bank Card

If you run out of funds in the middle of a gambling session, you want to continue playing as quickly as possible. With this in mind, you want the deposit to be a quick and simple process. When making payments online, typing in your card details can take ages – even if you do get it right the first time! Thankfully, you can ditch your bank card when using PayPal. You don’t need to enter your card number, or even have your details to hand. Providing that you can remember your PayPal login details – typically, your email and password – you can deposit money without having to get your card out.

Protect Your Account Details

When you use PayPal, the casino doesn’t need to see any of your account details. Instead of your sensitive information being passed across, the only thing the receiver will see is your email address. If you often worry about security or feel anxious about using your bank details online, PayPal is the perfect solution. When using their service, the only people who see your sensitive information is PayPal. As we discussed earlier, you can be sure they’re trustworthy because of their strict compliance codes.

Payment Method Bonus

Most credible casinos will offer a number of payment methods. However, some betting sites prefer you to use a certain one. To encourage you to use their preferred payment method, many casinos offer something called a ‘Payment Method Bonus’. Essentially, you will receive a certain amount of free credit just for using their preferred choice. Often, this choice is PayPal. This means that if you switch to a PayPal casino, you could receive some free cash for doing absolutely nothing!

In Summary

If you want to gamble with peace of mind, switch to PayPal casinos. Not only will your money and details be kept safe, but you can also enjoy the fast transaction speeds, buyer protection, and generous bonuses. To keep their strong reputation, PayPal doesn’t allow any old casino to use their services. They have strict restrictions on handling gambling transactions, and only approved companies are allowed to accept deposits this way. Because of this, you can be sure that any casino offering PayPal’s service is legitimate and trustworthy.

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