How to Dress in a Casino

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When you visit a casino, you’re expected to dress a certain way. Although not every casino has a specific dress code, more and more casinos are implementing guidelines for how their guests should dress. This is especially true at higher-end establishments. The exact dress code will depend on the casino, but you can expect it to be one of 5 ways: white tie, black tie, business formal, business casual, or casual. In this article, we explore how to dress in a casino in more detail.

White Tie

Also known as ‘Full Evening Dress’, ‘White Tie’ is a special category of formal wear. Considered the most formal style in Western fashion, this dress code is only implemented by the higher-end casinos. White Tie dates back to the 1700s when men decided to alter their style to fit in with the then modern standards. As the style hasn’t really changed, many people feel that White Tie attire transports them back to the 18th century.

A few years ago, the White Tie dress code was limited to top class events. For instance, it may be required for royal events, state dinners, and certain prize ceremonies. While a White Tie dress code is an unlikely casino requirement, you may find it necessary if you are invited to a private event at the venue.

For women, a White Tie dress code can be achieved with a floor-length evening gown. Certain other accessories are optional including white gloves, extravagant jewellery, and tiaras. Unfortunately, the dress code is a little more complicated for men. There are set requirements that should be followed including a black dress coat with tails and a matching pair of trousers. In the UK, the trousers must have two stripes of satin down the legs. These should be paired with a white shirt with wing collars and accessorised with shirt studs and cufflinks. Over the shirt, men should wear a white vest and a white bow tie. White or grey gloves are worn to complete the outfit, along with a pair of patent leather shoes.

Black Tie

The most popular style of formal dress is Black Tie. While this style isn’t as posh as White Tie, it is still seen as being very formal. The dinner jacket was first designed in the 1880s and was considered the first big change in men’s fashion for over 100 years. Today, the jacket is recognised as a tuxedo; however, back then it was considered a casual style of dress. Traditionally, Black Tie is only worn after 6 pm. While it is sometimes referred to as ‘semi-formal’, the dress is thought to be the rung below White Tie.

Over the past twenty years, women’s Black Tie dress code has relaxed considerably. Once upon a time, women were required to wear a sleeveless evening paired with a wrap, gloves, and jewellery. Today, the only requirement for women is that they wear evening shoes. Other than that, they can wear whatever they see fit, with many women opting for cocktails dresses or pantsuits instead of a traditional ballgown.

For men, Black Tie dress code hasn’t changed much. They are still required to wear a white dress shirt, a black bow tie, an evening waistcoat and a black dinner jacket. The outfit should be finished off with Black Oxford-style dress shoes or a similar patent leather style.

Business Formal

Business Formal is often described as “work clothes”. Easy to put together, a Business Formal outfit should consist of clothes that fit into your company’s dress code. Typically, this dress code is considered to be the rung below Black Tie. While you should definitely look presentable, the requirements are much looser.

To meet a Business Formal dress code, women should wear a suit or a business-appropriate dress. Traditionally, the outfit should be paired with a jacket, stockings, and heels; however, many venues disclose that the heels and stockings are now optional. For men, Business Formal is similar to Black Tie. While some venues will consider any smart suit appropriate, others prefer their customers to stick to a dinner jacket and bow tie. If you’re unsure, contact the casino prior to your visit and inquire. Typically, lower-end venues will accept work-appropriate clothing, while higher-end casinos prefer you to stick to Black Tie dress.

Business Casual

If you’re an avid gambler, you’ll know that most casinos implement a Business Casual dress code. While most people think this look is easy to achieve, it can be hard to define if you’re a beginner. Thankfully, Business Casual dress is often down to personal preference. Unlike the more formal dress codes, there are no set requirements.

To achieve a Business Casual style, women normally wear a skirt or trousers. These should be paired with a shirt, jumper, or any smart top that shows no cleavage. They could also wear a formal dress if they prefer – providing that it isn’t too short or revealing.

For men, Business Casual is fairly casual. A typical outfit would consist of a sports coat or blazer worn with smart trousers or khakis. This could then be paired with a dress shirt, an open collar shirt, or even a polo top. As most Business Casual dress codes mean that the tie is optional, many men decide to leave it at home.


When choosing an outfit to wear to a casino, many people misunderstand the word ‘Casual’. While Casual dress is a world away from Black Tie, there are still some standards to follow. While it can be difficult to define, it’s important to consider your outfit instead of just coming as you are. To understand the Casual dress code, it’s worth defining what it isn’t. Casual dress does not include formal wear like ties, nor does it include semi-formal business wear like suits. Instead, you should wear clean, pleasant-looking clothing.

For women, Casual wear may consist of a sundress, a long skirt, or a pair of smart blue jeans. In warmer climates, a pair of shorts or khakis may even be accepted. The bottoms should be paired with a plain t-shirt, polo top, or a casual blouse. Similarly, men could wear a pair of smart blue jeans or even a pair of Cargo shorts in a warmer setting. These should be paired with a plain t-shirt, a turtleneck, or a button-down shirt and completed with a pair of loafers or trainers.

In Summary

If you’re planning to hit a casino, check the venue’s dress code before your visit. While this can often be assumed by the nature of the establishment, it’s worth double checking to avoid embarrassment.

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