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 Why do we call the game “Double Bubble”?

Are you someone new to online gaming or are you a seasoned gamer? Well, either way, we will let you enjoy a doubly bubbly treat when you play online Double Bubble Casino Slot Game. There are two unique Double Bubble Game features, which is why we like to call it the “Double Bubble”, the first feature is, being given a chance of winning a Dubble Bubble Jackpot pay-out worth of 20,000 coins & the second feature is, the chance of winning a very generous Return To Player of whopping 96.02%.

So, let’s get started to blow & pop some bubbles right on your screen. Please follow our list of FAQ’s that will help you learn the game in a structured manner and also watch out for a few useful tips that we give.

How to play Double Bubble?

To get started, you’ll first need to decide the size of your Coin that you want to play with.

What is the Coin Size?

In simple terms, the coin size is nothing but the amount that you wager on each line that you are willing to bet on. Choosing your coin size will help you control the amount that you bet.

You can choose any amounts between 1p per line to a maximum of £1 per line. Please note, if you happen to leave the game half way and come back later, or if your connection to the game is lost then the Coin Size will by default reset to 10 p per line.

How do I Increase or decrease the size of the Coin?

Simply click on the “+” or “-“, buttons that you find next to the coin size display to shuffle into the different coin sizes.

Tip: The coin size is very important because the amount you win is based on a multiple of your coin size, which means the larger the coin size the higher the possibility of your win.

What next after selecting the coin size?

Once you’ve selected the coin size, now you will have to select the number of Win Lines that you want to bet on.

What are the Win Line?

Double bubble Casino slot is a five-reel and a twenty-line slot machine game. You can choose to play anywhere between 1 and 20 Win Lines. As this is a Multi-line slot game it allows you to bet on more than one win lines.

Is Win line & Coin size interconnected?

Yes, the coin size is interconnected with the amount that you are betting on one Win line, which means when you bet on more than one Win lines your coin size is multiplied by the number of lines you selected. For Instance, if you select the coin size as 10 p per line and you choose to bet on all the 20 lines, you will be betting an amount £2.00 per spin.

Tip: The more lines you pick to play with the more expensive the single spin will be, but your chances of winning any individual spin will be higher.

How do I increase or decrease the number of Win lines to bet on?

There are three methods of selecting the number of Win lines.

To increase or decrease the number of lines, click on the numbers up & down the left & right of the 5 reels.

To add a line one by one, click on Bet One button which keeps adding lines individually.

To bet on all the 20 lines, click on Bet Max button, which will select all the lines together & start spinning.

How do I win?

Once you have selected the number of lines you want to bet on, the game is commenced by pressing SPIN or BET MAX button.

When betting on a particular line, the win occurs if the symbols in the reels are matched from the first column on the far left through the last column in the far right. Different symbols are worth different amounts.

In a single spin on a single line, only the highest win is awarded & all the subsequent wins on separate lines are added together as you continue playing.

When does the Double Bubble Bonus Game win Occur?

If you see three “Bubble” bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 you are eligible for the “Double Bubble Bonus Game” which will then automatically commence where you get a chance to win a Progressive Double Bubble Jackpot.

How do I win Double Bubble Jackpot?

In the Bonus Game, you simply choose a bubble to pop, which will reveal a random number. The total amount that you will win is the Coin Size multiplied by this number. For example, if your Coin Size is 10p and you reveal a multiplier of 150 then you win £15!

The jackpot that is up for grabs on each spin you play off on the Double Bubble Bonus game is a huge win of 20,000 coins.

Tip: To win a chance of playing a progressive Jackpot, you do not need to play on a maximum number of lines, however those players who choose to play with bigger coin sizes and a higher number of lines have proportionately greater chance of winning the jackpot!

What are the rules of the game?

This is an online gaming slot, so player’s need to use Internet connection as their communication medium with the game servers. As this medium of communication is known to be imperfect, the messages sent to or from your devices may be lost or interrupted during low or no connectivity.

In the situations where you have been discontinued from the game due to internet disconnection issues, the game results will be saved on the game servers and the outcome will be shown on your account once your internet connection is resumed. The final authority of the results is based on the records stored on the game server.

“Malfunction voids all pays and plays”

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